My Dad…. A superhero….

My first friend,

My first unknown guide,

My first inspiration,

My first role model,


He is the only one, who reads my eyes yet I tried very hard to hide my feelings,

He is the only open sky, to my dreamy wings so that I can fly very high….

He is the only one, who spends all his Sunday to secure my future,

He is the only one, who loses his prime time, to assure the best destiny for me….

He is the only one, who becomes the huge life experience library for me to solve all my stuck situations,

He is the only one, with whom my words disappear to express a THANKYOU…..

It’s really a matter of great pride to be known as your daughter…….


Flowers….. My forever friend….

You always settle my moods,

Gives juices to animal kingdom,

Enhances beauty to plant kingdom,

Spreads charming morning all around,

Creates lovely ambient to my heaven,

Never leave me alone in my low stage,

Sets an example, to regrow after each fall,

Flower, Flower you are my only friend,

Who always stays with me till the last breath….

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